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Hamish Wilson

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Associate Professor Hamish Wilson graduated from Otago Medical School in 1978, but found that clinical practice was quite different to what he was expecting. He convenes the 'Nature of Medical Practice,' one of several popular postgraduate courses from Otago University for practicing GPs. Since 2008, he has also helped to re-design the undergraduate curriculum for pre-clinical students, providing them with innovative community-based learning opportunities.

With Dr Wayne Cunningham, he co-authored Being a Doctor: Understanding Medical Practice (University of Otago Press, 2013), a textbook that addresses gaps between medical theory and the reality of clinical practice. He has also researched and published on patients' experiences of health care, the doctor patient relationship, the impact of complaints on doctors equanimity, and student resilience.


Sam Wilson

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Sam Wilson came to New Zealand in 1988 to Woodville (near Palmerston North for the geographically challenged) and has stayed there ever since. He is a rural GP in the Tararua Health Group, working mainly in Pahiatua but sometimes travelling as far as Dannevirke.

He trained in England and after house jobs and GP training in Yorkshire worked in a city-centre practice in Coventry for three years.  Following this he made his own Brexit and after work as a government medical officer in Brunei, came to New Zealand.

For the RNZCGP, Sam has been a GPEP Clinical Examination examiner since 2002, and has helped with writing scenarios for the clinical exam since 2009. He has learned a lot of medicine doing this, and the interactions with other doctors, case setting and examining has made for tremendous professional development. In Sam's practice they have 5th-year RMIP students, take PGY 2 or 3 doctors, the occasional GPEP1 registrar and currently a GPEP2 registrar. In his spare time Sam is also a Fellowship Censor, which certainly has its interesting moments.

Sam is interested in the uncertainties of general practice – the uncertainty of finding locums, the uncertainties relating to succession planning – where are all the young doctors wishing to work in rural general practice??  The uncertainty relating to the financial viability of general practice is also an abiding concern.